Electrical Tips for your Home Renovations and Improvements

Most of us have seen how the housing market has been going crazy in central Florida recently! After seriously low-interest rates many homeowners took advantage and looked to refinance their home or even buy a new home. For those who were able to refinance it meant renovations and home additions!

If this is you or you are simply considering making some renovations or home additions to your Orlando/Central Florida-based home, the certified professionals at Volt Electrical Services would like to urge you to take some things into consideration. Additions usually require electrical work in some form or fashion, and there are a lot of factors to consider if you want your home to result in proper function.

At Volt Electrical Services we take your needs seriously. If you are about to perform some home additions, we are your go-to source for important information and superior service.

Major Electrical Factors to Consider

Additions to the home usually mean a higher electrical load on your panel and a need for increased functionality. Keep these points in mind while planning:

  • Plan your electrical access. The position and wiring of your electrical outlets determine a lot about how the electrical work in your home addition will go. Consider where you want appliances and where you might need electrical access for tools, floor lighting, and sometimes appliances. While you’re at it, work with your electrician to determine where you need to use a dedicated circuit for optimal safety.
  • Consider a heavy-up. heavy-up essentially increases the amperage (electrical power) that is available to your home. A lot of homes (especially older homes) need a heavy-up as is, and if you’re adding on, you almost definitely need to seek a heavy-up in order to accommodate your needs. Without it, you may be sorely disappointed (and without power) when you try to use electricity in your new space.
  • Pre-plan lighting. Know where fixed electrical appliances like lighting are going to be before you begin building. Having a place for everything makes for a smooth process and making last-minute changes can be exceptionally time-consuming and expensive.
  • Discuss the rest of your home’s wiring with a pro. Because of the modern tools, wiring, and equipment that will be used in your addition, the electrical in your initial home areas might need to be altered or updated. Speak with your electrical professional to see whether or not you might need to update wiring, access, or circuits in your home.
  • Be cautious and flexible with your budgeting. Leave some legroom in your budget for sudden changes, incidents, and possible additions you might make during the building process. It’s just a way to ensure you’re prepared for any possibility!
  • Hire a professional electrician! When you’re having major work done on your home, you don’t want just anyone rooting around in your home’s wiring. You want the best. Always work with a professional, certified electrician. And be sure to encourage a lot of open communication to ensure you’re getting the service and installations you want.

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