Avoid Scary Electrical Bills this Halloween

The holiday season is shifting into gear, and here at Volt, we want to do our part to help you avoid spooky electrical bills this Halloween! Many homeowners know that while haunted houses and costumes might be all around, the true terror comes from looking at those holiday electric bills. Are you planning on doing some decorating but worried about inflated energy costs? The experts at Volt Electrical have some helpful solutions for you!

Our goal is to always provide the absolute best electrical services possible to our central Florida customers. At times we get the privilege of doing this through installing top-quality lighting. However, seemingly just as often, our service can be about giving some good advice! Looking for some solutions to your holiday energy woes? We can certainly help.


Some of these are pretty holiday-specific, but many of them can benefit you all year long! To reduce energy use and maximize savings, consider the following:

  • Transition to LEDs. Strands of colorful lights are a mainstay throughout the entire back quarter of the year. And while they’re gorgeous and often a neighborhood favorite, they can be a massive drain on your wallet. To reduce your use, pick LED holiday lights over the older incandescent option. Not only will they last much, much longer, but you could literally light multiple strands of LED with the same power it takes to light a single bulb from an incandescent strand. As a plus, the dramatically lower wattage requirement makes them safer to boot!
  • Make use of timers. Many electrical holiday decorations have timer options built-in or are available with this feature. Make use of it! Setting a timer to kick off your lights and gadgets in the mid-evening can save you tons of energy throughout the season, resulting in a much lighter load and much heavier wallet.
  • Consider outdoor lighting upgrades. Aside from decoration, many homeowners make use of standard outdoor lighting more in the latter months as well. With earlier evenings comes earlier darkness, and we count on our outdoor lights to keep the outdoors safe. Still using old, outdated lighting? If so, you could be paying double, even triple what you could be with modern lighting installation!
  • Reduce your use. Holidays often mean guests in one form or another. Whether you’ve got the family over, or you’re throwing a party, be sure to minimize your electrical use by keeping up with guests. Make sure everyone knows to turn off the lights if they leave the room and do what you can to reduce losing cooled or heated air with excessive door opening/closing. These may seem like small things, but they can make a difference in your monthly electrical bill!
  • Be an efficient chef. Doing a lot of holiday cooking? A busy kitchen can quickly become a mass of energy consumption if you’re not careful! Let foods that bake at the same temperature carpool the oven, avoid opening your fridge excessively.


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