Consider Remodeling or Expanding your Commercial Space

UPS Remodel & Expansion – Panama City, FL Considering remodeling or expanding your commercial space? Volt Electrical is here to help.  We know that your business is important to you, and we want to help you keep up with the ever-changing demands that the market places on it. Electrical needs are bound to be part […]

Customized Commercial Receptacle Installation

UPS Remodel & Expansion “ Longwood, FL Commercial electrical needs can vary widely from business to business. Whether you are setting up a workspace for a new business or optimizing your existing workplace for efficiency, it can be worthwhile to consider your electrical outlet needs. Installing the proper specialty electrical receptacles can help a business […]

Holiday Safety is an Electrical Priority

For many homeowners, one of the most anticipated traditions of the holiday season is stringing decorative lights inside and outside the home, on trees, in bushes, and just about anywhere else. Putting the lights in place can be just as enjoyable as basking in the glow of the finished display, but as with any task […]

Why Do Outlets Spark? Is It Safe?

What Causes an Electrical Outlet to Spark? If you have ever experienced an unexpected outlet spark, it can be pretty shocking (no pun intended). In the United States, supply lines generally carry electricity at 115 to 240 volts. When you plug something in, you’re dipping into this current to power your appliances and lights, making […]

Avoid Scary Electrical Bills this Halloween

The holiday season is shifting into gear, and here at Volt, we want to do our part to help you avoid spooky electrical bills this Halloween! Many homeowners know that while haunted houses and costumes might be all around, the true terror comes from looking at those holiday electric bills. Are you planning on doing […]

Recessed Lighting, A Valuable Tool

Recessed lights are one of many tools that you have in your electrical toolbelt to reach the desired lighting result for your residential or commercial space. With that being said, they have pros and cons, and are not a one size fits all solution. First of all, they need to be placed in the optimal […]

Two Fixable Electrical Problems in Your Home

Most electrical problems in your home or business will more often than not require an electrician to fix them, but sometimes, if you have some time on your hands and the right tools, there are certain things you may want to tackle yourself. In this post, we will look at replacing a junction box and […]

Use Your Lamps Properly

One of the most common misuses of lamps is what we will call “overlamping.” Overlamping is when a lamp-holder socket has a bulb with a higher wattage than the socket is designed for. Not every lamp-holder socket in your home is rated for the commonly used 100-watt incandescent light bulbs. This is a code violation […]

What’s Going on Here?

It’s easy to take electricity for granted—until the outlets stop working. To test whether an outlet or appliance is to blame, try plugging in something else. If it still doesn’t work, you know it’s the outlet that’s at fault. Malfunctioning outlets aren’t just a nuisance; they can also indicate a more serious underlying problem. Identify […]

When the Lights Go Out

To Orlando and all central Florida residents, power outages are nothing new. We’ve dealt with all kinds of crazy storms and annoying weather in our time here, and it can be quite flustering if you’re not sure how to handle things. But if you’re prepared and know what to do, an outage can become little […]